Honorary Consuls

Please be informed that the individuals listed below are the sole recognized members of the Honorary Consulate representing Namibia in various countries concurrently accredited to the Namibian Mission in the USA and various countries.

  • Mr Robert Braubach – San Antonio, Texas
  • Mr Audrey Kano Smith – Detroit, Michigan
  • Mr Leo P Ross – Columbus, Ohio
  • Mr Lance J Mayhew – Portland, Oregon
  • Mr Trond Hengle – Paradise Valley, Arizona
  • Ms Giti Zarinkelk – Houston, Texas
  • Mr Edison Summer – The Bahamas
  • Mr Otto F von Feigenblatt – Albany, Georgia
  • Mr Eduardo Flores Buitrago – Costa Rica
  • Mr Stephen Wayne Snivel – Orlando, Florida
  • Mr Michael A Griffin- Wilmington – Delaware
  • Mr Salvador Birman – Mexico
  • Ms. Nin Aseeya Ra-El-Glen Allen – Richmond, Virginia