The Embassy also works closely with counterparts in government and with business leaders to promote greater Namibia and USA economic, trade and commercial ties. Namibia lies at the heart of a strategic geographic crossroads for trade.

Namibia is open for business

SADC Market access:

SADC: ±280 million people

SACU: ±57 million people

Combined SADC & CMA market: approx. ±280 million people


Transparency International: 1st in Africa for press freedom

Fraser Institute: 2nd most favorable destination for mining and exploration in Africa

World Economic Forum: 2nd best transport infrastructure in Africa

Regional Tourism Organisation of Southern Africa: 4th best tourism destination in Africa

Mo Ibrahim Foundation: 6th for Good Governance

World Economic Forum: 22nd for Banking Institutions

Namibia is part of the Common Monetary Area (CMA) with South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. The Namibian dollar (NAD) is pegged to the SA rand (ZAR). The financial sector is sophisticated and consists of a number of commercial banks with international ties to facilitate international banking, as well as commercial and governmental sources of finance geared to enterprise finance.

Investment opportunities may take the form of public private partnerships (PPPs) either on a per-project basis or with equity holdings. Certain utilities may be wholly owned by investors.

Current focal areas are development of infrastructure for water, power generation and transmission, as well as transport and logistics, notably road, rail and port infrastructure, with emphasis on corridors to SADC states.